Personal Training

Coaching individuals to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Online Coaching

In coaching you toward your weight loss goals, I will be your personal trainer online. Everything is laid out for you through the use of a mobile app. Workout with the app directed exercises and stay in control of your food intake and you will be successful.

Coaching is done virtually via video chat sessions. Each client gets access to daily workout tasks and nutritional guidelines via a fitness app.

Fitness Coach

As a Fitness Professional my deepest desire is to encourage every individual regardless of age to pursue a fitness journey that will last a lifetime. Today, for someone to be committed to a healthy life style that includes good and effective movement takes lots of determination. I will say it plain and simple: it is not an easy journey. That is why I am passionate about helping people to find an enjoyable way of becoming fit and staying fit!

I train my clients based on an integrated training model that incorporates all forms of training within a progressive system. Forms of training include flexibility, cardio-respiratory, core, balance, plyometric, ASQ (agility, speed and quickness), and resistance training. The model I follow builds a foundation of fitness by creating stability and good exercise technique. It allows the client to progress safely until they have made the necessary adaptations to handle intense exercises.



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Fitness Equipment

You will need to bring along a few things for my fitness classes. Find recommendations here..

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Online fitness training for the modern working person.