BODYPUMP® Clean and Press

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Here is a side view of the BODYPUMP Clean and Press(CP). The pictures make sense from left to right, and then right to left. Also, check out my IGTV channel, I posted a clean and press there just recently. This move is a full body exercise and performed in the Back section of the BODYPUMP workout since major muscles targeted will be upper and lower back and back of legs. In BODYPUMP the CP needs to be performed in a very particular way. In other exercise modalities, you will notice that CPs are always initiated with the bar on the floor. Not in BODYPUMP. The move is initiated with the bar close to the quads, knees slightly bent and arms straight. Follow these directions and make sure the barbell is always close to your abdomen when lifting it to chest height.

  1. With feet hip-width apart, hold the barbell with straight arms, bending the knees slightly 2. Lift the barbell to the middle of the chest, by raising elbows to the side 3. With a quick bend of the knees and a quick move of the elbows, flip the elbows under the barbell and lift the barbell chin height 4. Press barbell up as you straighten legs 5. Lower barbell back to chin height, elbows under the bar, bend knees 6. Flip elbows up to shoulder height as you bring the barbell back to the middle of chest 7. Lower barbell down to middle of quads #lesmills #bodypump #bodypumpcleanandpress #lesmillstribe #bodypumpbrasil #resistancetraining #repeffect #highreps #fitness #reebok #reeboklesmills #inshapehealthclubs #inshapeattitude #inshapemercedyosemiteave #inshapemerced