Les Mills GRIT HIIT at InShape Fitnes, Visalia-CA

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Taking a GRIT class 1x/week has been on my routine for about two months already, every Saturday morning 8 am, @inshapemooneynorth.  The past two weeks I skipped, due to class cancelation and camping plans, but jumped right back into it, with amazing instructor @mayshaelee.  I am so impressed with you, dear instructor friend.  From an avid #bodypump participant just over a year ago, you became a #bodypumpinstructor and soon got certified in GRIT® as well!!! Way to go!  Loved your class yesterday!  You pushed me hard!  Check out the schedules to see when ShaeLee is teaching.

Check out a GRIT® class with  @shawnae_fit4fun every Saturday morning at 8 am, or check the schedules on other class times throughout the week. 

Is GRIT hard?  Yes! Can you do it if you are not “fit enough”? Absolutely!! However, if you are not regularly taking a HIIT class, you need to go easy on yourself.  It’s true that the idea behind GRIT and usually any HIIT workout, is that you should give 100%. Now 100% looks very different from person to person.  Make sure you take your time and judge well if you need to modify an exercise or not.

Does GRIT get easier? Yes and no, lol.  If you consistently come to GRIT® (…2x/week is the ideal), you will notice that after 3 weeks, you perform better.  Did it get easier? No!  You are the one getting stronger.

For me personally, I get to do GRIT 1x/week and it’s working!!! Now let me make this clear:  I don’t teach this class.  I am taking it!  I don’t have the certification to teach and don’t plan to do so, at least not yet.  I teach several other classes and what I’m after is to improve my fitness.  Just because I am a fitness instructor it doesn’t mean I am done getting fit!  Not at all.  I don’t think I will ever be done getting fit. 

My goal is to become fitter, stronger and healthier. 

GRIT is definitely helping me achieve these goals. 

Today I’m wearing all #fabletics #fitnessclothing 

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